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I try to participate in local car shows and swap meets. With a wide variety of cars available I try to bring a collector vehicle of my own to every event I am able to attend. I have been attending the Hot August Nights event in Reno the past few years to provide expert collector vehicle appraisals at the event. My associate, Jack Metner "Appraiser Jack" from Idaho meets me there and we set up to participate for the week.


Should your local club be interested in knowing more about the appraisal service or the need to have your collection appraised I am available to give a 20 minute presentation at one of your club meetings.


Hope to see you at the next event!


Concours d'LeMons  Held in August each year. Cars here are 1988 Trabant 601 and 1962 Trabant P50. Yes they are my cars!

1936 Cad SkpLng - 1d.jpg

Yountville Ca Skip Long Memorial Car Show. Teresa Long Presenting First in Class. 1936 Cadillac Owned by Eugene and Ethel Daly. Presented to Rod Dahlgren


1929 Cadillac Roadster
60's Style 55 Chevy

64 Galaxie 500
1940 Studebaker
65 Mustang
Always Like the Cadillacs

1958 Impala Convertible


1974 CHP Recreation


1964 Corvette Convertible

Our Trabants
at Concours d'Lemons
Gotta see this show! FUN!

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